Meet Pete

After a decade in corporate real estate (and a decade before that in high tech), my company was bought by one of the largest Corporate Real Estate companies in the world. I was not particularly in love with the notion of working for a giant corporate behemoth with its share of standards, quotas, and politics! But it was the reality I was facing.

After serious deliberation, the next challenge revealed itself and seemed a natural progression. I no longer wanted to play in “Corporate America.” I have always been a social person, and love talking to everyone, playing games and arguing with my friends over inane topics. And in this day of texting, Instagramming, Facebooking, and Tweeting might one not also long for a place designed for conversation, engagement and approachability – where it is EASY to talk with new people in a face-to-face manner?

I founded Wit’s End to be a warm, comfortable, neighborhood place where guests can meet up with friends to have a drink, enjoy some good food, play some games, engage in lively discussion – even a debate or argument, perhaps – and most of all, have fun.

Opening a bar with this in mind seemed a perfect idea, despite the doubt, skepticism, incredulity and the “you’re nuts” look in peoples’ eyes! In fact, doesn’t that kind of response makes the challenge even more appealing? There’s nothing like a chance to prove people wrong for motivation.

That’s it. Good food. Great drinks. And most importantly, lively conversation with friends old and new! Can’t wait to see you at Wit’s End.